7 Benefits of Web 2.0

0Seven Core Benefits

The seven core benefits of 2 2.0 for traditional enterprises that, according to 1Gartner, should not be overlooked are:

  • Core enterprise applications will become more effective through the incorporation of Web 2.0 technologies.
  • Next-generation Web platforms can be highly efficient in overall procurement and sales strategies.
  • Lessons from Web 2.0 community and social networking success stories can be leveraged within the enterprise for more efficient knowledge worker collaboration and overall employee satisfaction.
  • Semantic tagging technologies can greatly increase the 0 of 1 and 3 information overload and increase information-based product consumption and use.
  • Web 2.0 communities can be used for new product feedback, shortening the product development time and targeting valuable marketing resources.
  • Targeting bloggers and other influential Web users can help to control an organisation’s image and influence publicity for the positive
  • Making Web-based marketing the norm, rather than the exception, will help optimise overall marketing spend.

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