Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer is currently available for various programming assignments. I have a strong background in frameworks, databases and serverA program which provides a service to another, known as theclient . In a hypertext system, a server will provide hypertext information to a browser . See also: daemon . administration.Senior Software Engineer

I specialize in full stack development, unit testing and writing elegant code. I am seeking a company embracing diversity with a health work and life balance. My strength is building solutions using server side programming and clientA program which requests services of another program. Normally, the browser is a client of a data server. side markup languages.

In my free time I enjoy photography, biking and cooking gourmet meals. I have a passion for BBQ and enjoying an afternoon with friends. New technologies usually catch my interest and are fun to explore.

Senior Software Engineer Resume is available in XHTML, Word, and PDF.

I got my start with customer support for local computer stores when I was a teenager. My knowledge expanded when I got a full time position using virtual reality. Soon I was offered a position here in San Jose, CA. I jumped on the plane from the east coast and never looked back. Silicon Valley is truly a nice place to work and live. The warm weather and technology per square mile is fantastic.

My professional career expanded as I learned Linux server administration and systems architecture. Soon I became involved with applications engineering for research and development. From there it was a natural progression to becoming a full time programmer. Over the years I have learned many scripting languages including PHP, Ruby, JavaScript and Bash.

As a Senior Software Engineer I have over 15 years of professional experience in the development and testing of webA set of nodes interconnected by links . Often, the set of all the nodes which are interconnected. See also Topology. applications. If your interested in learning more about Gordon Hackett Senior Software Engineer please check out some examples of my work…

An example of a WordPress site built using a custom theme, modified plugins and Photoshop graphics.

An example of what can be accomplished with the Yii Framework, JQuery and Object Oriented PHP 5.

An example of a mobile website for the purpose of scheduling appointments and generating customer leads.

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