A little over a month ago this 1 was referred to me by another client of mine. I reviewed their site, and so did Site Review Board (0Review of Video Duplicators) and the results weren’t so great. The original site was pure graphics (Pictured Above), very little in the way of SEO compatibility.

We set out to create a site that would be larger in size, indexable by the search engines, and give the viewers a better understanding of the process and terminology involved in DVD 0, duplication and replication. Using a technique similar to AJAX with PHP the FACTS section was created, a virtually endless encyclopedia of knowledge on the subject matter related to their business.

With some JavaScript and DHTML a two fold menu system was created that degrades nicely when JavaScript is disabled. Enabled there is transparency and flyouts with timing events, disabled it’s simply CSS / DHTML tricks with a similar look and feel, just more in between HTML pages to cover the flyouts.

Please have a look at 1Video Duplicators and browse the site. If your interest in getting some work done, a custom begin the process upload form was created to make it simple. The necessary files, options, and basic fields for starting a job are all there and are checked via JavaScript, then the files are uploaded via PHP and emails are sent to both parties notifying status of job.

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